Friday, December 24, 2010

Project 365 - Days 347-353

Day 347/365 - December 12

After a wonderful morning service at church, we returned home and in the evening made Christmas sugar cookies while watching/listening to our church's Christmas concert live on the web.  Fun, cozy evening!

Day 348/365 - December 13

Ava put the first gift of the season under the tree.  She used the money she earned over the year doing chores to buy a gift for everyone who was coming for Christmas.  So sweet!

Day 349/365 - December 14

Jason had some free time this week so we picked Ava up from school and headed right into town for dinner and a movie!  "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" was an exciting, good movie though reviews are mixed on how it followed the book.  I can't comment as I've never read the book!

Day 350/365 - December 15

Today was our follow up with the neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital in Dallas.  He reiterated what he said at our first appointment 6 months ago, that he feels Amelia is doing so well, that the risks of surgery far outweigh the potential benefits.  So, we are free to continue on in life.  No more follow ups needed unless we see a marked regression!  Yea!  A definite answer to prayer!

Day 351/365 - December 16

Every year, on the last ballet lesson before Christmas, Ava's teacher allows the parents to sit in on class so they can see how their child is progressing, what the dances the class is working on, etc.  A sort of informal recital.  Ava is doing much better in her dancing (she is the one in the bright pink in the front ;-)  and it's always fun to see all the other dancers together.

Day 352/365 - December 17

We made our annual trip to the Gaylord to see Santa.  Amelia was much more happy to see Santa and sit on his lap then she was last year! 

Day 353/365 - December 18

Another gorgeous sunset to end the day and end this week of Project 365!

Until next time...

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