Saturday, July 30, 2011

Video of the Week - Week 21 - Amelia Singing

This is a cute video I shot in the car...I love how Amelia sings "Padda cake padda cake..."  ;-)

Project 365 Days 142-148

Please bear with me as I try and catch up - hopefully I can start blogging about things other than just our mundane, day to day activities!

Day 142 - May 22


The girls had their end of the year awards ceremony for Awana.  Both of the girls did very well - we started late in the year and yet Amelia finished 1/2 of her first book and Ava finished one entire book and got through the first 1/4 of the second book!

Day 143 - May 23

Here is a recent family portrait that Ava drew.  Notice how I am dressed in a muumuu and Ava has drawn herself, well, shall we say in a voluptuous manner? :-)

Day 144 - May 24

Gorgeous butterfly I shot through the window in our bedroom

Day 145 - May 25

Rosie looks like she's been attacked and is lying here dead!  But instead, this was to document my first foray into shaving her.  If you go online, a great battle wages about whether to shave your Pyrenees or not.  But with temperatures getting warmer, I decided to try it and see how she does.  This was about half-way through the shave.  I did not take an after picture, though, because I did not want to embarrass Rosie with my poor shave job.

Day 146 - May 26

Speaking of shave jobs, this one was a much better job because I took Nicky in to have it done at the vets!  Every year, Nicky is very lazy about grooming himself and usually, come spring time, he is one big mat of fur.  So, I take him in, they give him a little sleepy medication, and he comes back looking like this!  Not so pretty but oh so much more comfortable!  Notice his little poochy belly - he is not missing any of his mealtimes, obviously.

Day 147 - May 27

Ava's last day of school!  She is posing here with her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. B.  Her teacher this year was a much different personality than last year's teacher and it was interesting to see how Ava did under the different teaching styles.  She did very well and yet was excited for summer to begin!  Here are her first and last day of school pics side by side:


A little bit hard to see a comparison because I didn't take the shot at exactly the same spot but you can see her face has changed some and her hair is definitely longer!

Day 148 - May 28

The day before we left for Turks & Caicos on vacation, Rosie turns up limping badly on her front leg.  So a quick trip into the vet assured us it was just a sprain but on the way to the vet, Rosie couldn't help but sneak her head out the sunroof to get some fresh air!

Next week's pictures should be FUN because we were in Turks & Caicos all week!  Can't wait to share some with you...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video of the Week - Week 20 - Ruby is Weaned

This shows a little more horse play between Butters and Prince but also shows a little bit of Ruby's reaction to finally being weaned from her Momma.  It actually went pretty smoothly - this was the most she reacted.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project 365 Days 135-141

Day 135 - May 15

We had a gazillion boxes that had been piling up since Christmas and we finally found a free night when the ground was moist and there was little wind to have a bonfire and get rid of some trash.  The girls love to help!

Day 136- May 16

With the heat of summer, I'm up early 5 mornings of the week to ride.  Love my Parelli Fluidity saddle.  I hear they are close to taking orders for their new jumping saddle.  Can't wait!  I've got to start saving my bucks!

Day 137 - May 17

The dog days of summer are approaching fast!  Makes me tired just thinking about it!

Day 138 - May 18

I loved this book as a child and I couldn't pass up buying Ava a copy.  She loves it too ;-)

Day 139 - May 19

It was Ava's Play/Field Day at school and she had a blast!  In this game, they had to carry all these items to the end of the line, then put them on and run back wearing everything! Love how this girl jumps into life and isn't afraid to have fun!

Day 140 - May 20

Amelia got a bug barn as part of her end of the year party bag at Mother's Day Out.  She was so excited to find a bug (and she found a nice large black beetle - YUCK!) to put inside it.  Hope that beetle likes cheese because that's what those large orange blocks are ;-)

Day 141 - May 21

It was a hazy, wet morning when the sun came up but with the water in the air reflecting so much, it made it look like a nuclear bomb just went off in Decatur!  It seems logical that the next few frames would show the mushroom cloud forming as the nuclear blast cools and dims.  Freaky.
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