Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 365 - Days 354-360

Day 354/365 - December 19

I took Belle out today to let her stretch her legs and she found a pile of manure that she was very intent on smelling.  Then she would lift her head and make this face!  Funny girl!

Day 355/365 - December 20

While grainy, this photo shows that I've decorated most of the house so far.  The tree has been up for awhile but it might be it's last year since we can't get several rows of lights to work anymore!  We've had this monster 12-footer for 6 years now so it's definitely saved us money over the years (versus buying a live 12-foot tree each year!).  

Day 356/365 - December 21

This was actually from a few days ago (but I needed a filler).  We gave Ava my old Zire (one of the first electronic organizers they came out with - it had a Palm OS).  Anyway, she was/is obsessed with it!  Oh my, we might have created a monster!

Day 357/365 - December 22

Our holiday guests have arrived and the cutest one in the bunch posed for an adorable picture with my two girls.  The animal hat theme sure looked cute!  On a side note, I noticed after everyone left and I had a chance to look through my pictures, that my point and shoot took a lot of blurry, out of focus pictures.  I'm sure the lens just needs a good cleaning but I sure am glad I got a new DSLR for Christmas to hopefully start taking some better shots!

Day 358/365 - December 23

While not everyone was looking at the camera, this was the best picture I got of Grandma with the grandkids that were on hand this year!

Day 359/365 - December 24

Being the technologically advanced family that we are, I read the Christmas story (aka the story of Jesus' birth) from the ESV Bible I have loaded on my iPhone, after our Christmas Eve service and before opening presents!

Day 360/365 - December 25

Here is our family picture for the holidays!  Everyone but Jack is looking at the camera...but a pretty decent picture nonetheless.  We took this picture with my new camera and while I'm still getting the hang of the settings and such, I already appreciate the wider angle and finally a picture that is in focus!

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  1. I use my phone to do lots of reading. The Google Books app allows me to pull up any book we need for school without a trip to the library. However, the copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at the library had much better pictures... and an audio version so I could drink tea instead of loose my voice reading aloud. ;-)


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