Saturday, August 04, 2012

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This post is a test. A test of blogging from an app on my iPad. We're considering not taking our laptop and only using iPads for Internet, blog updates, email, etc. This is the first test! And to make sure my pics show up - here we go...

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Thursday, August 02, 2012


After all the waiting and praying and waiting and praying, we finally have some progress though it did not turn out like we thought!

So we had been waiting to hear back from the consulate about rescheduling our appointment.  In true, fine form, they took the maximum time to respond.  On Monday we heard that they had refused to reschedule our appointment because they are very busy (even though the latest date we requested was 8/29 - more than a month away).  I was flabbergasted.  I have NEVER heard of the consulate responding this way.  I'm sure it has happened before and will again, but the majority of requests are responded to quickly and you usually get the 1st or 2nd day you request!  I couldn't believe it...Monday was a strenuous day, to say the least. 

So the consulate basically said, "Take it or leave it."  And since we can't leave the country without a visa for Audrey, we have no choice.  So we were back on the road of trying to leave next week.

After going over possible scenarios of when to travel, we have decided to skip the Beijing portion of our trip.  We would be the only family in our "group" and since we have already been, it doesn't make sense with the time pressures to tour Beijing again.  We have also decided to not bring Ava and Amelia.  This is a very difficult thing for me to do.  There are pros and cons to both sides.  My parents have graciously dropped everything to travel out here on a moment's notice and stay for almost 3 full weeks to care for them and hold down the fort here at home while we are away.  We do plan to Skype almost every night (or day) depending on which side of the globe you're on, and I have some surprises planned for the girls while we are away.  

One big answer to prayer is that by saving up our air miles over the last 3 years, Jason, I and Audrey will be able to fly to China and back for free!  Well, except for some pesky fees and booking charges.  This is saving us thousands of dollars.  We will be paying for our in-country flights but the bulk of the expense to go there is the international travel.  Seriously, it has cut our costs to go and get Audrey in half.  

So, here is our itinerary:

August 7 - depart for Shanghai

August 8 - arrive in Shanghai, depart for Urumqi a few hours later

August 9 - GOTCHA DAY!  We meet Audrey!!  (not sure what time our appointment is, but China is 13 hours ahead of us here.  So we will get her sometime the night of Wednesday, the 8th for you guys here.)

August 15 - depart for Guangzhou

August 16 - Medical Exam (This is the hiccup that caused the original consulate appointment to be a problem.  They are closed on Sundays and yet that extra day really threw a wrench into things.  And the frustrating thing is that it really is just a formality.  It is a basic, very light, "once over" of your child.  But this is when she receives the TB test that must be read before we have our Consulate appointment.)

August 18 - Medical exam results

August 20 - Consulate appointment

August 21 - pick up Audrey's visa

August 22 - depart from Guangzhou for Shanghai; depart for US from Shanghai later in the day

August 22 - arrive home!  

Yes, because of the time change and "going back in time" we leave and arrive on the same day ;-)

So those are the plans.  When looking over the itinerary, it is nice and efficient.  However, one little hiccup and it could throw the timing for everything else off and delay our return!  So we ask for your prayers for God's grace, protection, and peace as we travel and meet Audrey.  And then of course, for Audrey's acceptance, bonding and transition with us. We won't have the girls as ice breakers or comedic relief so it will be just us.   

We leave in 5 short days and I have a list miles long of things to do before we go so I may not be posting until we have her!  It is such a whirlwind after we leave, we don't arrive in her province until very late at night and our appointment to get Audrey is first thing the next morning so posting may not happen until that evening for me (morning for you guys back here ;-)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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