Friday, December 24, 2010

Project 365 - Days 347-353

Day 347/365 - December 12

After a wonderful morning service at church, we returned home and in the evening made Christmas sugar cookies while watching/listening to our church's Christmas concert live on the web.  Fun, cozy evening!

Day 348/365 - December 13

Ava put the first gift of the season under the tree.  She used the money she earned over the year doing chores to buy a gift for everyone who was coming for Christmas.  So sweet!

Day 349/365 - December 14

Jason had some free time this week so we picked Ava up from school and headed right into town for dinner and a movie!  "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" was an exciting, good movie though reviews are mixed on how it followed the book.  I can't comment as I've never read the book!

Day 350/365 - December 15

Today was our follow up with the neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital in Dallas.  He reiterated what he said at our first appointment 6 months ago, that he feels Amelia is doing so well, that the risks of surgery far outweigh the potential benefits.  So, we are free to continue on in life.  No more follow ups needed unless we see a marked regression!  Yea!  A definite answer to prayer!

Day 351/365 - December 16

Every year, on the last ballet lesson before Christmas, Ava's teacher allows the parents to sit in on class so they can see how their child is progressing, what the dances the class is working on, etc.  A sort of informal recital.  Ava is doing much better in her dancing (she is the one in the bright pink in the front ;-)  and it's always fun to see all the other dancers together.

Day 352/365 - December 17

We made our annual trip to the Gaylord to see Santa.  Amelia was much more happy to see Santa and sit on his lap then she was last year! 

Day 353/365 - December 18

Another gorgeous sunset to end the day and end this week of Project 365!

Until next time...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project 365 - Days 340-346

Day 340 - December 5

The girls made these cute ornaments I found at Target while I decorated the tree.  (And yes that was to keep them busy so they would not want to decorate our main tree ;-)

Day 341 - December 6

Is it just my bad luck that the same year we acquire 5 new horses, no hay gets mowed or baled on our property so now I'm having to BUY all my hay?  *sigh*  It's going to be a l o n g winter!

Day 342 - December 7

These are the ill-fated poinsettias I referred to in my last post.  Poor plants.  They revived a bit when I brought them back in but I don't really have much of a green thumb anyway so they were doomed from the beginning.

Day 343 - December 8

Amelia and I spent a long 2 hours at the car dealership waiting for the oil to be changed.  Luckily, they had some toys there that she made good use of!

Day 344 - December 9

I broke down and bought Jason a massage chair for his birthday earlier this year.  Yeah, I know, the salesman really had to twist my arm!  Anyway, there are few things more wonderful than this chair and recently, the girls have discovered it.  Here, my oldest comfort-queen, Ava, commandeered the chair with eye mask and blanket in tow.  Oh my. I think we're in for it!

Day 345 - December 10

The nights (and days) are getting colder around here so when I left a horse blanket laying on the cold, concrete barn floor for a minute, my cat quickly claimed it for his own warm, comfortable bed.

Day 346 - December 11

Jason and I were in downtown Ft Worth for his company's Christmas Party and I snapped this picture of Sundance Square as we walked by.  It was so festive and I really wanted to bring the girls back because one of the horse drawn carriages going around was a large, Christmas lighted pumpkin-coach, fit for a princess, that I knew Ava would love.  However, Christmas activities didn't provide us an opportunity but I hope to do that next year! 

Until next time...

Project 365 - Days 333-339

Day 333 - November 28

This was Amelia and a few of her friends taken last week at Ava's ballet class.  The cute blonde in the middle is Mylie, and she is also in Amelia's MDO class so they have fun playing while their older sisters are in class.

Day 334 - November 29

Sorry for another sunrise photo but they've just been so beautiful lately!  

Day 335 - November 30

A great verse and a wonderful promise to remember during hard times...

Day 336 - December 1

We had some deer wander into our backyard - very close to the house!  Including this buck, who was missing one of his antlers.  He is one of two bucks of seen so far...

Day 337 - December 2

Just another day at one of my favorite places...

Day 338 - December 3

This was my stab at trying to decorate the front porch for Christmas.  Looked fairly festive until a few days later when a cold night came in and (ignorant me) didn't pull in the poinsettias and they pretty much died.  I was able to salvage some and they limped along inside for awhile but this was definitely the best they ever looked!   

Day 339 - December 4

Took pictures for Christmas cards today and by the end, we were all getting a little nutty.

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project 365 - Days 326-332

Madly trying to catch up on posts before the end of the year!!!

Day 326/365 - November 21

It was my birthday and this picture was taken at the end of a very long day so we're all looking a little harried.  And even though Amelia has her eyes closed, I think her expression is so cute!

Day 327/365 - November 22

This was actually snapped the evening before but I needed a filler for today.  We were on our way to a church gathering and the sunset was just gorgeous!  

Day 328/365 - November 23

We were out to dinner with friends in downtown Fort Worth and I quickly snapped this picture with my phone as we drove by.  I'd wanted a picture of this for awhile because of the story behind it.  Looks like some piece of modern art, right?  Four bent steel plates... but what bent them is the story.  These four pieces of steel used to be girders for a billboard.  Then in 2000, an F2 tornado hit downtown Fort Worth and bent them to their current shape.  Rather than destroy them, they left them as sculpture.

This is a professional picture taken from here, so you can see what they look like in daylight with proper lighting and megapixels ;-)

Day 329/365  - November 24

Another gorgeous sunset.  The clouds and the sun have been amazing lately...

Day 330/365 - November 25

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at a friend's house then returned home for Pumpkin Gooey Cake, popcorn, a fire and The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe movie.  Wonderful.

Day 331/365 - November 26

Day after Thanksgiving found us at Disney's Princesses on Ice.  It was Ava's second time, Amelia's first.  They each wore their favorite princess dress and here they are after the performance with their one, overpriced toy they sell at this event.  Amelia chose the spinning Cinderella wand and Ava chose the twinkling Tinkerbell wings.

Day 332/365 - November 27

Who needs toys when you have a newly put-together shelving system?

Until next time...

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