Saturday, December 11, 2010

Video of the Week (Week 45)

Love to see these types of videos.  This is why I do "Parelli" - David O'Connor does such a great job explaining in a few sentences at the end of the video why it's so important to me!

Project 365 - Days 319-325

We had some special events happen during and around this week and I'm working on getting those up in their own posts.  Until then, enjoy these snapshots of our life!

Day 319/365 - November 14

Ava wanted to ride Tinkerbell to show her Grandpa & Grandma how much she has learned and Amelia wanted to be right in on the action.  So we saddled up Butters and Amelia rode him around for awhile as well.  

Day 320/365 - November 15

Ava turned eight years old today.  Yes.  Eight years old.  I can hardly believe it.  She looks so grown up here!  I hope to do a separate post about her special day so stay tuned...

Day 321/365 - November 16

This was taken a few days ago (because I needed a filler for today) but shows how excited Ava is to go to Awana!  I went through Awana when I was her age and loved it.  It is where I first learned and memorized so many of the Bible verses I still know today.  We started late in the year so this was her first week wearing her new vest and bringing her little Sparks tote.  So cute!

Day 322/365 - November 17

Riding lessons continue for Ava though now that school has started it's just two times a month, usually.  Here is Ava going over her little 'jump'.  Ava begs her instructor, Denise, to start jumping every week so Denise has used this as an incentive for Ava to work on other aspects of her riding.  If she does those other things well during her lesson, she gets to start 'jumping' ;-)

Day 323/365 - November 18

Amelia's Mother's Day Out class had their little Thanksgiving party so I came to join in on the fun!  I think here Amelia is finishing up a mandarin orange.  She loves oranges!

Day 324/365 - November 19

This picture is actually to memorialize an unfortunate event.  That's my farrier on the far left working on Tommy's feet.  My farrier had his standing appointment to take care of all the horses today.  When I went up to the barn that morning to get everyone ready, I discovered Belle in her stall with her right hind leg completely swollen again.  Fearing the worst, I called my vet (on the far right) who in this picture is reviewing Belle's x-rays.  Yes, 2 days before Belle was going to be let back into the pasture, freed from her 2 months of stall rest, she showed up with a new fracture.  Same bone, different fracture.  We're not sure how she did it - though I suspect she did it kicking at the stall wall - but this time it is a more severe fracture and will require 4 months of stall rest.  We are unsure if this is a pathologic problem but if she fractures it again or has too many other complications during her stall rest, we will have to consider putting her down.  At 24 years old she isn't extremely old for a horse but she's not a spring chicken either...

Day 325/365 - November 20

Here's Belle waiting for her stall to be finished.  Because I think she fractured her leg kicking at the stall wall, I had to move Belle to an end.  The end stall, however, didn't have floor mats completely on the floor and because I want to it be as cushiony as possible for her and I don't want her to trip on the edge of an exposed mat, I spent the day going to the store to buy new mats, filling in and leveling the dirt floor and arranging the mats in the stall so it will be safe for her.  Fresh bedding and it's all ready for her.  You can see how 2 months of stall rest has really atrophied Belle's muscles and that she's lost some weight.  Because she's bearing a lot of her weight on her good back leg, it's better to have her weighing less than more but it doesn't make for the prettiest pictures :-(  

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Favorite Things...Wen Hair Care!

I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to my hair.  I don't use a lot of products and I don't take a lot of time.  It's got to be fast and yet work well at the same time!  And up until this point in my life, I've always done the shampoo and conditioner routine.  And that is, I always have to use conditioner or there is no way I'm getting a comb or brush through my hair after a shower!  There was a time about a decade or so ago, that Shampoo and Conditioner combos became popular (and I believe you can still find those).  When they first came out, I was very excited!  How great to save a step but get the benefits of both!  Well, as most found out, it's really just a shampoo.  The conditioner element was a little lacking - at least for my hair.

Enter Wen Hair Care.  I'd heard or seen an infomercial on this product awhile ago and wrote it off.  A "cleansing conditioner"?  Right.  That will never work on my hair!  But then, I started seeing it featured on QVC.  (Ok, I admit it - I have been known to watch and buy things from QVC!!)  And I heard one of their popular hosts going on and on about it.  (Ok, I know she's paid to say those things but I really believed her!).  And there were tons of customer reviews that just raved about it.  So, I decided to try it.  

Oh my goodness.  I love this stuff.  It feels like a conditioner but it does clean your hair.  And it leaves it feeling soft, strong and manageable!  I ordered the lavender (there are 4 other scents, I believe) and it smells heavenly!  It is seriously like an aromatherapy treatment every time I use it.  You can check out the Wen website for info on how to use the product in more detail, but basically you scrub it into your hair (there is no sudsing because this is NOT soap, just a mild foaming), work it through to the ends, leave it on while you do the rest of your shower washing then rinse it out.  If you want to, you can use a dime sized amount at the end (do not rinse out) as a leave-in-conditioner (which I was skeptical of too but I tried it and NO greasiness!).  And one of it's great benefits it how it protects your hair color and doesn't fade the color (that is if you do something  like that ;-)  It's a fabulous product!  

I had a few areas on my hair that had gotten fried - either from highlighting or heat products (i.e. blow dryer, straight iron) that left it dried and frizzed.  But after the first use of this product, the fried areas were gone!  Now, they do return eventually, but only after a few days and they are gone again after I 'cleanse' my hair with Wen.  I think this product coats the hair shaft and the ends so well it makes the damaged areas disappear until they get 'dirty' again.

And the other great part - if you buy this on QVC, you can buy it with auto-delivery so it automatically is shipped to you every 90 days - no worrying about running out or forgetting to order more.  Love. It.  You can also buy the cleansing conditioner and other hair products on the Wen website, but the best deals are on QVC.  

And this why, my friends, it's one of My Favorite Things!

Until next time...

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