Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project 365 - Days 333-339

Day 333 - November 28

This was Amelia and a few of her friends taken last week at Ava's ballet class.  The cute blonde in the middle is Mylie, and she is also in Amelia's MDO class so they have fun playing while their older sisters are in class.

Day 334 - November 29

Sorry for another sunrise photo but they've just been so beautiful lately!  

Day 335 - November 30

A great verse and a wonderful promise to remember during hard times...

Day 336 - December 1

We had some deer wander into our backyard - very close to the house!  Including this buck, who was missing one of his antlers.  He is one of two bucks of seen so far...

Day 337 - December 2

Just another day at one of my favorite places...

Day 338 - December 3

This was my stab at trying to decorate the front porch for Christmas.  Looked fairly festive until a few days later when a cold night came in and (ignorant me) didn't pull in the poinsettias and they pretty much died.  I was able to salvage some and they limped along inside for awhile but this was definitely the best they ever looked!   

Day 339 - December 4

Took pictures for Christmas cards today and by the end, we were all getting a little nutty.

Until next time...

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