Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: A Second Look

I took the girls out to the front pastures earlier this year (around April, to be exact) just after they had finished mowing and baling.  The large round hay bales look so graphic and yet also bring about patriotic feelings for me.  Simple mid-America, hometown, hardworking, down to earth patriotic American feelings.

Problem was, I didn't like any of the over 500 shots I took.

But then I was scrolling over my iPhoto events the other day and a few popped up under my cursor that looked interesting.  

So I decided to take a second look.


And I found some I really liked.


I'm not head over heels for all of these shots...


...but I was surprised what a second look could do...


I think this one needs to go in a frame somewhere in my house.


Or maybe this one...since this is what the girls are doing most of the time...laughing and playing around.


Although I do think that very soon, it will be strange to look at a picture like this and see just two of my girls.


By themselves, it's not so apparent...


Because, after all,


They are still awfully cute on their own.


But when they're together, it's suddenly apparent that someone is missing.  And we want her here in our pictures with us soon!

Ni Hao Yall

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