Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365 Days 44-50

February 13th

My ubiquitous sunset picture of the week.  This is untouched people. Straight out of my camera.  I liked this shot because of the reflection in the pool.  Even though that slide is such an eyesore in the shot.

February 14

Ava had her Valentine's Party today at school.  There are only six girls in her class and they are all pretty tight with each other.  A few of them who were nearby were more than willing to pose for a picture!

February 15

This shot warms my heart.  Why?  Because Belle is out!  Free!  Unencumbered!  Yes, Belle still had about a 3-4 week sentence left on her stall rest, but after that frigid cold snowstorm where the horses were huddled in the barn for a week and I was mucking 5 hours a day, I just decided everyone needed to get OUT!  Belle had been doing so well I decided to start her on her road to freedom as well.  So, I did it slowly...first letting her off her halter during the day.  Then off her halter and full run of the stall and paddock area.  Then turnout for a few hours by herself.  Then turnout for a few hours with Tommy.  I did this over the course of a few weeks but now she's on full turn out during the day with Tommy (who will not chase or kick her) and in her stall at night.  She's doing very well but it took me awhile to get used to how she looked without a halter on!

February 16

We've had such beautiful, warm weather for the last few weeks that it has made getting the dune buggies and motorcycles out for a spin an easy task!  That's Ava in the lead and Jason following on his motorcycle with Amelia...

February 17

Repairs and reconstruction continue.  We had our kitchen taped off in plastic for the second time in as many weeks.  Drywall was going up and coats of plaster were being applied...hard to keep a clean house when everything is half taken apart.

February 18

Instead of a sunset, I brought you a moon-set.  Yes, there was a big, beautiful full moon setting as I was getting up one morning.  Had to get a shot...

February 19

Boring, I know, but I am doing this project in part to document what has been going on in our lives!  The ceiling repair in process.  They tell me after the final coat of paint is on you won't be able to tell this has been repaired.  I'm hopeful but skeptical.  We shall see...

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