Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Amelia turns 4!

Wow.  I'm really behind in my posts.  SO much going on in this house!  But I didn't want to wait too long after the date to post about Amelia turning 4! 

I'm not quite sure that Amelia completely understood what it meant for her birthday to arrive.  She was home to celebrate turning 3 last year but I don't know that she remembered much of that.  And we actually had a 3-day long celebration of sorts for this girl. 

Thursday she took a cake to Mother's Day Out to share with her class and all her friends and teachers.  It was a yummy chocolate cake with white frosting.  And with a large pink peony flower on top.  Beautiful.  Wish I had gotten a picture of the cake before I took it in!


The day of her actual birthday, we did a little photo shoot outside where we jumped on the swings and took lots of pictures.

Because this 4-year-old loves to swing.

It immediately gets her laughing uncontrollably.


And for the first time, shouts of "Higher! Higher!" were heard coming out of this little girl.

So we went higher and higher.  Then we decided to take a break and go see the other family member who has a birthday on April 1st.

Yes, it's Tommy's birthday too!  He turned 18 though.  Just like Amelia, he doesn't look a day over 4 ;-)  We then had to take out Amelia's horse, Butters.  Though it wasn't his birthday, Amelia wanted to spend some quality time with her equine so we worked at getting the burrs out of his fur and mane.

We cleaned up in time for Amelia to quickly open her big pile of presents and then join our friends for a celebratory dinner at Cheesecake Factory, Amelia's choice.  Of course, I didn't get any pictures of that either!  But a fun time was had!  The following day, I was feeling guilty that we never sang "Happy Birthday" as a family so I ran out and found the biggest, pinkest cake I could!

We gathered round and sang a rousing "Happy Birthday" and watched Amelia blow out her four pink candles.  And then what did we do?  Why, we ate lots of cake, of course!

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Sunday Snapshot
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