Monday, February 06, 2012

Video of the Week - Week 36 - Trailer Loading

And if you needed the proof - here is Ava trailer loading Tinkerbell.  Now, I have to put in a disclaimer that this is not perfect - ideally Ava would stay outside the trailer Tinkerbell would load herself.  However, because Tinkerbell is so willing and goes easily inside the trailer, we're starting here.  And it gives Ava some confidence going forward as well...

Project 365 - Days 247-253

Day 247 - September 4 


Rosie chillaxin' on the patio...she's so cute!

Day 248 - September 5


Starting to get all my documents together for our home study so we can go get her...

Day 249 - September 6


Rosie loves to race around our property

Day 250 - September 7


I never get tired of our sunrises and sunsets.

Day 251 - September 8

Amelia trying out her Daddy's motorcycle - this girl likes to go FAST!

Day 252 - September 9

Out for a little jaunt on Butters - she's learning how to balance and hold on at the same time ;-)

Day 253 - September 10

After the fire that got a little too close for comfort, I decided we needed to keep the trailer out in order to practice our trailer loading more often.  Ava did a great job with Tinkerbell!

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