Thursday, December 02, 2010

Video of the Week (Week 44)

While this is kind of dorky/hokey/geeky/cheesy, I had to post in honor of Jason.  And then you'll all have this song going through your head all day!  Ha!

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Project 365 - Days 312-318

This is such a busy time of year for us with the holiday and several family birthdays so I've fallen behind a bit.  Hopefully will catch up in the next week so stay posted!

Day 312/365 - November 7

I'm not normally a 'dress up your front door according to the season' kind of girl.  In fact, I don't think I've ever done this kind of thing.  But, I saw this easy DIY project for these gilded pumpkins and I couldn't resist.  It went a little to waste because rarely does anyone come to our front door but I liked knowing it was there ;-)  I may even try my hand at a wreath of some kind of Christmas!  I know - things are getting crazy at our house!!

Day 313/365 - November 8

Shot this while I was out working with Magic online.  Isn't she beautiful?  I've always had a soft spot for greys.  Just wait until I really get her in shape and develop some more muscle.  She'll be gorgeous!

Day 314/365 - November 9

I know everyone thinks of sunsets as being so beautiful and picture-worthy.  And they are. But boy, do we get some stunning sunrises out here!  We also have a better view of the sunrise than the sunset but this picture doesn't even capture the depth of the golds and reds contrasted with the blues of the sky high above.  Gorgeous.

Day 315/365 - November 10

This was discovered a fews days after the pumpkins were gilded.  To create said gilded pumpkins (as pictured above) I had to use metallic glaze and allow them to dry in the house.  I warned the girls over and over to "leave the pumpkins alone!" and allow them to dry, then they could touch them.  Apparently, my warnings and threats went unheeded by a certain 3-year old.  Anyone know how to remove metallic paint from leather seat cushions?

Day 316/365 - November 11

Here is Ava in her ballet classes (she's the one in the bright pink on the end).  It's hard to stand up straight when you're not as tall as the other girls but have to hike your leg up just as high on that barre!  She's doing so well though and is really developing some nice skills.

Day 317/365 - November 12

Here's Miss Ruby and her momma, Ginger (taken a few weeks ago as I needed a filler for today).  Remember when she was born just over 2 months ago?  Remember how little she was?  Well, she has certainly grown up!  She's growing like a weed and is coming along nicely.  It's kind of nice when I pull Ginger out to work with her because I work with Ruby too.  No lead rope needed for Ruby yet - she follows Ginger around as though there were one attached to her!  

Day 318/365 - November 13

The girls were playing "Hairdresser" and were taking turns doing each other's hair and the hair of their dolls.  They were actually being quite gentle with each other though I can't say their hairdos turned out so well.  ;-)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This changes EVERYTHING!!  Well, maybe not everything, but it changes some big stuff!  Recently, the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) released a statement that said a family could adopt two children at the same time (under the same dossier) if one was labeled or categorized as "Special Focus".  These Special Focus children are all Special Needs children though not all Special Needs children are Special Focus (does that make sense?).  I'm not sure how or why they categorize these children but it was a big step that the CCAA would allow you to adopt two children at the same time.  In some rare circumstances, they had allowed this to happen in the past but to now have an official policy on this was great news.  Now, the CCAA has subsequently made this statement as well:

Additionally, CCAA has just announced that families may adopt two children using the same dossier if at least one child is designated as “Special Focus”...  even if the family has already returned home with their first child. The application for the second child must be received less than 1 year after the first child’s adoption.

That is HUGE!  The second child still must be considered Special Focus, but to use the same dossier within a year of returning from China has several enormous benefits in my eyes.

1.  You don't have to start from scratch and create a new dossier.  This is monumental.  That dossier paperwork was going to be the death of me.  Some people get it finished in mere weeks while I took 18  months!

2.  And if you want to, you can come home, settle in, get that attachment and bonding going well then send in your application for another child within a year!

This is so exciting to see the CCAA getting proactive about their adoptions - making it easier and less time consuming to adopt!  Especially for those special needs adoptions - so wonderful!

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Catching Up

Wow!  It's been busy!  And the holiday season is just beginning -- I'm doomed!  There are several big changes coming to this blog and I'd like to be caught up in my posts before they happen!  Until then, here is a little inspiring video to watch...

This is a horse rescue (Camelot Horse Weekly) that is run out of New Jersey.  They work hard each week to find homes for horses not sold at the local auction house, doomed to be sold to the international slaughter market.  They've been networking and doing this for about a year now and have saved every. single. horse.  Wow!  There are surprisingly a lot of beautiful, well trained horses that I've seen come through in the short time I've been watching their weekly posts.  I have a funny feeling I'll end up with a horse from Camelot at some point in my life!  Camelot also has a Facebook page if you want to "like" them and follow their work!  And what's really cool is that this week, they asked people who had rescued horses through their organization to post updated pictures...the new pictures and stories are so encouraging!  Here's the video the local news station ran earlier this week...

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