Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Project 365 Days 107-113

Day 107 - April 17

I love this shot because it illustrates so much of Rosie's personality.  That may sound a little strange but, she's a guardian.  When I first come out in the morning, Rosie comes running out to greet me.  I give her a quick pet and hello and we start heading up to the barn.  Instead of walking with me, she's runs out ahead, looking for danger.  She will often come over for some attention and petting and then she wanders off, usually still within eyesight and surveys the area, looking for predators.  Usually in the evening, after her meal and feeding the other animals, we walk back down to the house.  I head for the house, she follows the driveway to the top of the hill towards the east, sits down (like she is here) and surveys the front side of the property.  At night, while I take my bath, I know she's right under the bathroom window because I occasionally hear her barking at something.  And when I go to bed, she moves to the front where my bedroom window is and stays there for awhile (before something takes her attention and she's off cavorting in the pastures around the house and barn all night).  We love our Rosie...

Day 108 - April 18

Ava loves to create things and do arts and crafts.  So when her teacher's birthday came up, she wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party (and idea I later came to deduce she got from a Fancy Nancy book!).  I walked through the problems and difficulties of doing such a thing and eventually, she decided on making her this card.  Apparently, she understands how poorly paid our educators are because she threw in that quarter.  The flower was a sweet touch and before we walked out the door that morning, she found a balloon to blow up and also attach to the card! Very sweet!  I'm sure her teacher was touched.

Day 109 - April 19

There were some terrible wildfires that were ongoing around Possum Kingdom Lake around this time.  In the end it took weeks to extinguish and thousands upon thousands of acres were charred.  Many lost their homes and businesses.  This area of Texas is actually just a county or so away and was actually fairly close to us.  On this evening, a large smoke cloud(s) came through our area.  Made for an eerie sunset...

Day 110 - April 20

You know how they say you start to look like your pet?? ;-)

Day 111 - April 21

While this isn't the most interesting picture, it does commemorate Ava's school Easter party.  They were to have a fun field trip to a zoo and then do an Easter egg hunt at a park just outside the zoo.  However, it rained cats and dogs on this day so they cancelled the field trip and had to do the egg hunt in the gym.  Ava is sitting here going over all her loot!

Day 112 - April 22

Here is our little baby, Ruby!  She's getting so big already and I think has such a great temperament.  Here mom, Ginger, is hanging out in the background there with Magic.  I hope to do an update on the horses soon and share what I'm doing with all of them...

Day 113 - April 23

It's that time of year again and we start to have some crazy weather in North Texas.  We had some storms roll in and as they moved east, the sun came out and was creating gorgeous rainbows all over the place.  But, the storm was still active enough to be shooting lightening around and I caught this cool shot of the lightening going under the rainbow!  Luckily, despite the crazy Spring storm season we've had, we've been safe and not suffered any damage.


  1. Rainbow and lighting in the same shot! That's amazing and probably won't happen twice. ;-) Rosie looks like a wonderful dog. I just want to snuggle into that fur!

  2. I just love Day 110 - that had me laughing out loud!


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