Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 365 Days 58-64

Day 58 - February 27

We've had more and more deer visiting our backyard to get some corn that we've left out for them.  I think it was this morning that there were SIX deer at one time in our backyard.  I was able to sneak out and use my zoom lens to get some great shots.  I liked how this little guy came up from behind the pool and poked his head over the ridge to see where that strange 'clicking' noise (from my camera) was coming from!

Day 59 - February 28

Ava went out to ride Tinkerbell for a bit and wanted to take her American Girl out since she got a new riding outfit for her for Christmas.  Tinkerbell is thinking, "Oh the things I put up with!"
Day 60 - March 1

It was Character Dress Up day at school (aka Halloween Costume Day with a book theme) and Ava went as Fancy Nancy from "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy."  As you can imagine, there were MANY Fancy Nancy's at school but Ava's costume was well liked and she was runner up in the second grade (or the entire school, I'm not sure) for best costume.  The funny part is, we threw this costume together within a few minutes because these are Ava's regular dress up/play clothes.  In fact, I think if we let her, Ava would choose to dress like this everyday!

Day 61 - March 2

This week is really turning out to have an "Ava" theme but I wanted to show how Ava is now starting to trot Tinkerbell over raised ground poles.  She calls it "jumping" and I'm happy to let her "jump" this high for now ;-)  Her trainer has actually raised the cavalletti to the height shown on far right.  Ava is doing well, it's little Tinkerbell whose had to pick up the slack and start exerting herself by getting those little feet up that high!

Day 62 - March 3


This is possibly one of my most favorite pictures I've taken to date.  These longhorns graze in a pasture near our house and many times I've wanted to stop and take a picture but never had my camera handy.  Well today I did!  They are just so lovely, graceful looking and beautiful with their long horns.  These aren't even the most striking ones in the herd!  Anyway, there were three laying a row and when you passed by at the right angle it created this lovely effect of seeing all three sets of horns in row...I liked the picture before I started fooling with it...

But something about that "Soft and Faded" action in the first picture just makes it look a little old fashioned and vintage.  And like it's glowing.  And it makes me want to go out and buy some longhorns!  Here is another action (Sepia) that I really liked:


The only thing that bugs me about this picture is that there was a slick wire fence in between me and the cows and when I snapped the picture it created those blurred, horizontal lines you see.  If I had more patience, I'd see if I could photoshop these out somehow.  But I don't have the patience right now.  If I had been thinking, I would have gotten a little closer and shot through the fence!  But I didn't.  Last but not least, a "Seventies" action that I liked:


Day 63 - March 4

My weekly sunrise shot - loved how crisp and clear the moon was here...

Day 64 - March 5

Amelia's sweet friend, Reagan, had her 3rd birthday party on this day.  Aren't they cute together?  Would have been cuter if Amelia's pig tail wasn't covering up part of Reagan's face but still cute!  Amelia and Reagan have been talking nonstop about having a sleep over together!  We're trying to explain to them they are too young but they don't seem to think so!!

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