Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Awana Resource!

For those of you who have children in Awana, I just wanted to share a great resource I found for helping them learn their verses!  It is a website, Homeschool Creations, put together by a homeschooling Mom (obviously) who generously shares her resources for free!  She has made many different "printables" to go along with their homeschool studies AND Awana!  She has meticulously gone through each verse and section of the Cubbies and Sparks books and created printables for each and every verse! 

The printables for each verse include:

~ a full size verse sheet {8 1/2" x 11"}
~ a 4" x 6" verse card
~ verse sentence strips for children to cut apart and
put together in the correct order.

She had a great idea to store the 4" x 6" verse cards in a photo flip album so that her kids can review them over the course of the year.  This has been such a great idea!!  Amelia doesn't do the cut apart the verse, put it back together yet, but Ava loves it and it's another way for her to learn the verse without just doing repetition.  Both the girls like their photo flip books (bought at WalMart for $1) with the verses in them.  We keep these in the car or by the kitchen table for quick review.  The author states that
"we spend time each week learning through reciting the verses, putting together our verse 'puzzles', and matching words to sentence strips. We also hang a copy in a place where it is sure to be seen!"

These printables have made a big difference in how quickly the girls learn and retain their verses; not just because they are learning them in different ways, but I think also because there are pictures with each verse, which is another memory aid to learning their verses!

Here is a link to the Cubbies verses and the Sparks verses

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