Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 365 Days 23-29

Day 23/365 - January 23

This is Mi-Wah, the friendliest of our three cats.  He's named after my mother-in-law's hairdresser in order to go along with Mi-Tai 2, who was our calico cat that disappeared.  Mi-Tai 2 was named after the first Mi-Tai calico cat, who was also my mother-in-law's.  Mai-Tai the first was named after the wife of a client of my father-in-law's.  Make sense?

Day 24/365 - January 24

We've been trying to get Tinkerbell some more exercise because she's getting a little pudgy.  So, after school, Ava took her out to lunge her.  Ava is wearing the medal she got for competing in the UIL competition at school.  More on that later!

Day 25/365 - January 25

Many of my pictures this week are fillers - and this is one of them.  Every Wednesday I have Bible Study and Amelia and I usually grab lunch at Panera afterwards.  On this day, however, we rebelled and had lunch at Corner Bakery. Corner Bakery is also right next to Gymboree so we did some shopping as well!

Day 26/365 - January 26

Speaking of Bible Study, this is a great verse someone shared this week.  I had to find it on my iphone app and take a picture - I've already been using it!

Day 27/365 - January 27

I found this great car wash/car detailing place in Decatur.  I can get a full car wash with power washing the undercarriage and hand drying for $15!  I'm addicted!  Especially in the winter, I hate to wash my car but I want a clean car.  So they have a new customer!!

Day 28/365 - January 28

Another Fun Run at Ava's school!  The Fun Run is when they invite parents and siblings to come and run during your child's PE class to help them earn laps.  Each lap goes toward earning a little foot charm your child collects throughout the year and is supposed to be an incentive for them to run and get some exercise!  So Amelia and I braved this brisk morning to help Ava earn her "feet".  My only regret is that we arrived early to the track so I parked, turned off the car, and let Amelia watch Kai Lan on the car's video player.  I was quite surprised when we left to go home to find that my car would not start as the video had drained the battery after playing for 30 minutes straight!  Lesson learned!

Day 29/365 - January 29

Here are my three lovely, fluffy, fat cats.  They love to play with the orange twine that straps my hay bales together.  You'd think they learn it's not really alive.  But they just can't help themselves!

Until next time...

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