Sunday, February 06, 2011

Project 365 Days 16-22

Day 16/365 - January 16

Can't remember why we didn't get into church this Sunday morning, but on days when we can't, it is so great to be able to watch the service live on the web.  That's our pastor, Tom Pennington.  A great preacher and leader of our church!

Day 17/365 - January 17

Maybe I should just make a book of our sunrises and sunsets instead of boring y'all with them but come on!  Those colors are unreal!  Just gorgeous - they almost look neon...

Day 18/365 - January 18

Here Amelia is eating one of those Lunchable cracker, meat and cheese prepackaged meals.  She absolutely loves them.  She wants one everyday for lunch.  I know they're not the best thing for her but besides chicken nuggets, its hard to get this girl to eat meat!  So, I usually indulge her so she gets some kind of meat in her system, processed though it be!

Day 19/365 - January 19

Lesson time again for Ava.  She and Tinkerbell did quite well this lesson and it was fun playing with my camera.  Denise is an awesome teacher and keeps Ava interested and wanting to learn more.

Day 20/365 - January 20

My first try at a night shot.  The moon was SO bright and big.  I thought it came out pretty well considering I didn't use a tripod.  I like how you can see some stars (or planes?) up in the upper sky.  That glow of lights off to the right is the far off big city of Fort Worth.

Day 21/365 - January 21

I'm calling this one "Like Father, Like Daughter."  Jason got an iPad for Christmas and he absolutely loves it.  Sometimes, when Amelia sees him on it, she grabs her Leapster (now inherited from Ava since Ava got a DSi for Christmas) and joins him on the couch for some quiet, geeky electronic time.

Day 22/365 - January 22

Tommy had a nice 3-4 week time off during the holidays so I was pretty excited how well he was jumping on this, our first day back under saddle.  Please ignore the large umbrella visor on my helmet.  I use it on sunny days (and every day during the summer) because it really gives much better shade on your face to protect it and helps you see where you are going easier (no bright sun glaring into your eyes).  However, it looks rather dorky and I usually take it off for photos.  

Until next time...

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  1. You're getting good with that camera! Those clouds are amazing. I used to see skies like that in Annapolis. We're too much in the trees here.

    Glad Tommy is feeling better!


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