Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365 Days 2-8

Phew!  It's been quite awhile since I posted!  Hang with me while I catch up!

Day 2/365 - January 2

Nothing like popcorn and a movie on one of the last day's of Christmas break!

Day 3/365 - January 3

We had driven into the metroplex to pick up a new lens for my camera and after exiting the store, we immediately snapped it on and tried it out.  Right away I noticed an improvement in the quality of the photos (the natural light in the car didn't hurt either).  You can even see remnants of lunch on Amelia's face ;-)

Day 4/365 - January 4

Eerie, low-laying fog was visible just as the sun broke over the horizon.  On days like this, if I squint my eyes a bit, I can pretend I'm on the coast, looking out to the ocean (and there's an island not far off in the distance ;-)

Day 5/365 - January 5

We were out to dinner at a fabulous little Mexican restaurant near our house and Ava was doing what she normally does; she takes the salt and pepper, and this case, also packets of sugar, and makes them into princes, princesses, kings and queens, fairies and dragons and all other kinds of magical beings and entertains herself while waiting for our food to arrive!

Day 6/365 - January 6

While not the greatest composition, I love the smile on Amelia's face here.  She called me out to the foyer with my camera so I could take pictures of her dancing and spinning with her doll.  This girl is turning into quite the princess and most days can be found with a princess dress on over her clothes.

Day 7/365 - January 7

I was utterly shocked to find the fairies had taken off in Jason's yellow Lamborghini to go joyriding.  I thought fairies were supposed to be good; not up to no good!

Day 8/365 - January 8

A pleasant day + Daddy's day off = family time in the hot tub.

Until next time...

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