Monday, January 24, 2011

Favorite Things: Skinny Jeans

Ok.  Seriously.  I think I've been waiting my entire life for these to come back into style.  When they first appeared on the scene a few seasons ago, I was skeptical.  I had really begun to love my straight leg jeans (and I still do) and embrace that look.  Skinny jeans were quite a departure from that look.  Could I do it?  

Oh yes I could.  

Because I love tall boots.  And skinny jeans (or "jeggings") look fabulous with tall boots.  Or short boots.  Boots with a heel.  Boots without a heel.  And in the winter, almost all my footwear are boots.  


And in the summer?  Well, in the summer I plan to wear them with ballet flats (which are hard for me to do, being a petite woman, I really want a heel on my shoe) and although I haven't seen it paired together much, I think a kitten heel would look beautiful with a jegging/skinny jean.  

And then when I need to run up to the barn, I can slip on my barn boots or riding boots over the jeans with no bunching up of the jeans under or on top of the boot, ya know what I mean?  So, I should be a happy camper, right?  Well, I was.  Until I received a flyer in the mail from Ann Taylor Loft showing "the new silhouette for spring"...

Oh yes.  The wide leg jean is back.  Well I'm not welcoming it.  In fact, I refuse to wear it!  And I will instead be wearing one of the 12 pairs of skinny jeans I bought last year...Who knows, maybe by Fall, the skinny jean will be back "in" again ;-)

Until next time...

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