Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My fabulous vet, Dr. Lampe, is coming this morning to re-examine Magic, one of my OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred). Several weeks ago, I found her and Tommy standing in the north pasture like this (Magic is the dappled grey):


I thought it a little strange. It was a glorious day and they weren't grazing - just standing. But still, the do take little naps from time to time. An hour later, I noticed that while Tommy had moved on, Magic was still standing in the same spot. I went out to investigate and discovered she did not want to move or put weight on her right hind leg. At all. I examined her - no swelling or obvious injury on her legs or body other than this seemingly innocent scrape on her right hip:

It took me quite awhile to get her out of the pasture and up to the barn. My vet came out and determined she had been kicked right on the point of the right hip. We were afraid of a break or fracture but it seemed, as the hours passed, that it was unlikely. Most likely, some soft tissue damage. Antibiotics, anti inflammatories on board and 2 weeks off were hopefully going to give her the time to heal.

So now we are almost a month (I think) from the injury and she's still not 100%. She looks mildly lame at walk and trot but when she canters, after a few strides, she runs 3-legged, holding that right rear leg up. I'm concerned that it's not healing. Hopefully today will reveal some reasons and a new path to full recovery!

It's frustrating because she was making such good progress under saddle! I was getting ready (hopefully by the end of the summer) to put her up for sale.

I'll try to post here when I have more news.

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