Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 365 - Days 254-260

Day 254 - September 11

Another gorgeous sunrise - sorry, but I don't ever tire of these or of taking pictures of them either ;-)

Day 255 - September 12


Outside picking flowers (aka weeds) on a warm afternoon

Day 256 - September 13


We get some strong/strange storms here in North Texas, but this was only the second time I had seen these holes punched into the clouds like that.  Very eerie...

Day 257 - September 14


I also never tire of seeing the deer on our property.  I would name them if I could tell them apart ;-)

Day 258 - September 15

Another huge storm rolling in.  The enormity of this cloud was hard to capture on film.  My lens couldn't fit it all in nor show the hugeness (is that a word?) adequately.

Day 259 - September 16


I'm pretty sure these are from the same day but from another angle, taken up at the house.  This storm missed us, unfortunately, but to see it forming from the outside of the storm was incredible.  That is showing a LOT of wind activity in the cloud.  If I remember correctly, this was a pretty intense storm that hit Ft Worth...

Day 260 - September 17

Again, same storm but a few moments later when some new clouds formed...incredible.  While this storm missed us, I think this was the beginning of rain returning to North Texas.  As of today (Feb 17, 2012) we are officially just out of the drought here and storms like this coming on a more regular basis is the reason why, praise the Lord!

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