Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I received one of the best Valentine's Day gifts I could get - four new pictures of our daughter waiting in China!  

I had sent a care package with a cake back in December for Christmas but didn't hear anything back. Apparently, her orphanage is only doing updates through the Chinese government, not through private companies anymore.  So I had figured no pictures would be coming.  But then there in my inbox this morning were these wonderful pictures!  I can say she definitely looks more like her original referral pictures than the last updated pictures we received.  Which I like, she looks more like a baby :-)  

She also looks more like a boy in these pictures!  In China, they don't have the association of blue for boys and pink for girls like we do here.  So often, you will see pictures of girls wearing "boy" clothes and vice versa.  

I had to block out her face again because I still can't share her picture but hopefully soon.  I know it kind of looses it's significance since you can't see her face but I still wanted to share.  I'm sure they were confused about the cake because her birthday isn't until May, but they put the birthday crown on her head anyway! ;-)  

Can't wait to meet her in person!

Image 3 - Version 2

Image 1 - Version 2

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