Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Project 365 - Days 191-197

Day 191 - July 10


Ava and Amelia will probably never remember a time without FaceTime.

Day 192 - July 11


Another cloud dappled sunset...

Day 193 - July 12


This little black spider was quite amazing.  I found him up in the barn, having freshly killed or paralyzed this poor cricket, who looks to be about 3x his size.  And this little spider was pulling him across the barn floor towards his home (I assume) for dinner.  A little gross but mostly amazing!  

Day 194 - July 13


Amelia was my model for the day as she was SO excited to put on her new dress...

Day 195 - July 14


Did I mention it was hot this summer?  While 104 is not terribly bad, it is when 104 is your average for over 70 days and your lows are the high 80's...yuck...

Day 196 - July 15


The moon was so HUGE and round and gorgeous as it rose on the horizon, I had to get a shot of it...

Day 197 - July 16


One final "before" shot in preparation of the new carpet to be installed!  Yea!!!  I've been wanting this carpet replaced for over 6 years now...better late than never, right?

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