Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project 365 - Days 177-183

Day 177 - June 26

This picture was actually from a few days before while we were in San Antonio but I wanted to include this shot of the girls in front of the Alamo.  "Can you say adobe?  Ah do bee."  Quick!  Name that movie!  We didn't go inside because it was quite hot and everyone was tired and not wanting to cooperate ;-)

Day 178 - June 27

Another gorgeous sunset framed by the leaves of our oak tree...

Day 179 - June 28


I couldn't help myself and had to give Rosie another shave job.  I'm not sure it helps her feel any cooler in this record-setting heat wave!

Day 180 - June 29

Ava and Amelia have this app on their iPad's where they can listen and read stories about the Disney princesses.  In fact, they can upload their own photos so they can be one of the princesses!  I just think this one of Amelia as Snow White is so funny and cute!  Had to post one!!

Day 181 - June 30

Another 2-week session of swim lessons successfully completed by my little fishes!

Day 182 - July 1

We spent some time at our friend's house swimming and grilling to celebrate Kelly's birthday.  Despite the heat, the spa felt nice as the evening cooled down...

Day 183 - July 2

We bought a new cast-iron bench for the front patio recently and I just loved this shot down the front of the house - everything looks so lush and green though not for long thanks to the continuing drought and heat!!

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