Friday, August 19, 2011

Project 365 Days 149-155

Still playing this rate, I'll still be posting about 2011 in 2013!!  Yes, Ava starts school on Monday and I'm just now posting about the first day of summer!  Oh well, better late than are the daily pics from our time in Turks & Caicos...

Day 149 - May 29

We literally got off the plane, onto a shuttle to the resort, dropped our bags in our room, changed into swimsuits and hit the ocean.  Well, the girls hit the ocean.  Jason and my bag was lost!  We were quite concerned but the airline employees were very relaxed about it.  Apparently this happens a lot there.  We did get our bag back about midnight so by morning, all was well.  Ava was so excited to go swimming in the ocean - she's a fish!

Day 150 - May 30

I think the sun only came out for about 6 hours total the entire week we were there.  At first, I was a little bummed at the overcast skies but I quickly realized how scorching the sun was when it did come out and how nice and balmy it was without the sun!  Ava and I still managed to get a little burned but overall, I ended up loving the warm, cloudy skies. And besides, when you're snorkeling, you don't notice whether it's sunny or not (because you're always looking down)!

Day 151 - May 31

They have many great restaurants at this resort, I think 16 in all, and on this evening, we chose to eat at a restaurant directly on the beach.  As in, there is no flooring, only sand!  The kitchen is out there too!  Anyway, it made for some soft lighting as the sun set and I got this beautiful picture of Ava.

Day 152 - June 1

We also did lots of swimming in the 4 or 5 enormous pools they have there.  This picture was taken after an evening swim, before we went out to celebrate Amelia's Gotcha Day with dinner at a Benihana-style restaurant (new post to follow on that!).

Day 153 - June 2

Today, we took a huge catamaran out on the ocean, did some snorkeling, sea shell collecting and exploration of a small, uninhabited island.  Amelia got very brave and walked out onto the canvas strap "netting" that was stretched between the two "arms" (don't know if that's the right term) of the boat.  Love how exotic she looks here.  We had a great time on the boat too!

Day 154 - June 3


I wasn't kidding.  This is really how Ava spent MUCH of her vacation time here.  Glad we thought to bring her snorkeling gear!

Day 155 - June 4


Our last day here and we booked some time to have one of the professional photographers at the resort snap some pictures so we could get everyone in the picture.  And the sun actually came out for a bit during the shoot so we got some photos where you could really see the aquamarine color of the water! 

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