Friday, April 22, 2011

Project 365 Days 72-78

Day 72 - March 13

This was actually taken at the end of this week, not the beginning, but I needed a filler!  The horses were running and frolicking in the pasture and it looks like Star (grey pony on the right) and Magic (grey horse on the left) are going to butt heads like bulls!

Day 73 - March 14

Another cute shot from our "we're adopting again" photo shoot.  So thankful for the love these sisters have for each other!

Day 74 - March 15

This is a picture of a miracle.  It's very hard to grow many things here in Texas because of the very hot and very cold climate changes we get (well, at least it's hard for me!).  I'm infamous for buying plants only to have them die on me for a variety of reasons, most of them due to me!  So last year, I bought these small peony bush saplings.  I know.  Peonies.  Of all the kinds of plants to try and grow, I pick one of the hardest!  And I didn't give them much hope of surviving once fall set in.  They weren't looking that great.  But to my surprise, this is what I noticed in the flower beds!  Beautiful, healthy looking growth!  I was so excited!  And they are MUCH bigger now.  If I'm lucky enough to keep them alive and thriving, I will be sure to post the first blooms!!

Day 75 - March 16

Can't remember what the girls were doing here  - play acting something.  I think they might have been pretending to be dogs.  Or some kind of other animal.  And then they just stopped, and sat quietly like that for awhile, staring off into the pastures.

Day 76 - March 17

While it doesn't seem to make sense, we actually have a lot of cardinals here where we live in Texas.  This male and what I presume to be his mate, visit the area under one of our trees in the backyard frequently (thanks to all the deer corn the girls have spread around).  I've been trying hard to get a good shot of these two - I had my lens zoomed all the way in and then I cropped it down even further to get this shot.  I've tried to go outside and get closer but they fly away and I don't have the patience to wait quietly for them to return.  But I'll keep trying!  Anyway, aren't their colors gorgeous!?

Day 77 - March 18

Loved this sunrise that was peeking out behind the clouds this morning.  For a brief few minutes, it was reflecting beautifully in the tank (pond) in the lower pasture.  It made the tank look like it was magically glowing.  

Day 78 - March 19

I absolutely love this shot.  We had our friends over for dinner and the girls played dress up.  Then they decided to form a band and took it out on the road.  Their first stop?  The Old Barn where they played to pastures of horses.  It was quite an event.  And one I'm glad to have captured on film.  Or hard drive. ;-)

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