Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365 Days 65-71

Well I'm a little nervous how the coming weeks of Project 365 will turn out because we've been so busy and I haven't been picking up my camera much.  There will probably be a lot of fillers in the next few weeks (that is if I can get caught up! ;-)

Day 65 - March 6

I was practicing taking some pictures in front of some white boards I bought for backdrops and Amelia was my willing subject as long as we had her baby in the picture as well.  This is one of two very special, loved dolls of Amelia's.  

Day 66 - March 7

This is Ava with HER doll!  We got her this American Girl doll for Christmas and it was made to look like her.  The hair, especially, is a dead on match!  Once summer rolls around it won't match so much because Ava's hair gets SO blonde in the summer!  The other thing about this picture is that Ava was very sick on this day - 101.5 degree temp.  You can see it in her eyes - but she still looks cute and she still really wanted to have a picture taken with her doll like Amelia did.

Day 67 - March 8

Spring is finally on its way and my pear trees are blossoming!  Love the pinkish red color that is seen before the white flower pops out!

Day 68 - March 9

Jason got a new motorcycle (Triumph Street Triple) and Amelia wanted to try on Daddy's new helmet!  She was laughing hysterically even though she couldn't see herself.  Too funny.

Day 69 - March 10

Ava & Amelia

It was a warm, windy afternoon and I was playing around with pictures using the sun.  This would have been perfect if the trees in the background were out of the way and their silhouettes were against the sun.  Still a decent shot...

Day 70 - March 11

This was taken the same day as the picture before (told ya there would be a lot of fillers!!).  Amelia is so cute when she squats down like that.  I think she was pouring dirt on her baby's head (yes, the same baby she so cherished in the first picture this week) and then she'd stand up and spin the baby around to watch the dirt fly off her head.  

Day 71 - March 12

Our pool chemicals were having some weird reaction to each other and created this purple film over much of the plaster.  Our awesome pool guy (remember that picture of him servicing our pool in 20 degree weather?) researched the problem and found out that luckily, it was a fairly cheap fix.  We just had to drain the pool.  He power washed some areas and then we filled it back up.  Voila!  Purple film gone!  So anyway, when the pool was completely empty, I had the girls go stand in the very bottom for a freaky looking picture.  That was really weird to stand in the bottom of an empty pool.

Until next time...

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