Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Amelia

I have heard before from others who have adopted, that it takes about a full year before you see your child's true personality.  I would definitely agree with this.  Amelia came to us grieving deeply for her foster family.  It took several months before she would say anything in front of anyone outside our family.  When we were in China, we didn't even hear her voice for over a week.  And it took several days before we heard any sound from her.  But looking back, I think it's fitting that the first sound we heard from her was a laugh.  Because now?  Now we know this girl will laugh at anything remotely funny.

This week we had industrial fans in the house to dry out the walls and ceiling that were damaged when a frozen pipe broke.  Amelia quickly found one of the dryers and decided it was tons of fun to dance around in front of high velocity blowers...

And the sillier she got, the more she laughed and squealed with delight!

Spinning and twirling in front of the fan brought much joy to this delightful girl!

Her sister is her partner in merriment...

...or is that partner in crime?

And while her sister can get her laughing like no one else, this girl also has a sense of humor all her own...

And have I mentioned her laugh?

Oh. My. Goodness.  Such a laugh.  Deep, rolling belly laughs come from this little girl.

It's so contagious and full of joy, I made it the ringtone on my phone.

So every time someone calls me I am reminded of what a delightful gift we have been given...

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  1. LOVE the pictures! Look at all that cuteness.... WOW! I feel like I could almost hear her laughing!

  2. Her laughter brought a smile to my face! What a darling little girl. And I LOVE how her sister joined right in.

  3. Ah! The joy of your child's laughter. There's nothing like it, is there?


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