Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project 365 - Days 305-311

Oh, so many post ideas, so little time!  I've really been trying to stay on track with things I need to get done here at home so I haven't been able to post as much...but more will be following!  If only I didn't need to sleep...

Day 305/365 - October 31

You already saw this picture in my Halloween post, but it bears repeating here...what cute girls!

Day 306/365 - November 1

This is Tommy - the other love of my life ;-)  I've been working more consistently with all the horses and today we were working on our ground skills in the round pen.  THIS is the look I want to see on his face when we're working - he's engaged, alert, listening.  It's as if he's asking, "Is this what you wanted?  What's next?"  Love, love, love, LOVE this horse!

Day 307/365 - November 2

First fire of the season!  It wasn't super cold outside - it was still in the 50's, but it was raining/drizzling, cloudy, dank and damp.  A fire was a perfect fit!  Can't wait for more...

Day 308/365 - November 3

Amelia fell asleep in the car AGAIN so I carried her into the store.  Normally she wakes up but today?  No way.  She was O U T!  That gray thing in the bottom of the picture is my arm holding her up.  If I didn't, she would have toppled out of the cart!  Makes grocery shopping with one arm when you are only able to move a foot from the cart very interesting!

Day 309/365 - November 4

So as some of you might have seen on Facebook, Jason had been home sick for several days.  I finally convinced him to go to the doctor (yes, I know, ironic isn't it?) and after some x-rays and blood tests, they confirmed he had pneumonia.  His primary care physician also thought he looked rather pale so sent him to the ER for 2 liters of fluids.  It really perked him up!

Day 310/365 - November 5

Though blurry (because I took it with my cell phone and had to zoom in to crop), you can still see the large deer leaping over our fence.  I never get tired of seeing these guys and girls running around on our property.  So beautiful.

Day 311/365 - November 6

With Jason sick and not having much of an appetite, I was trying to find things that might appeal to him to eat.  Canned soup was not going to do it so I found this recipe for homemade chicken soup that was super duper easy (the recipe calls for onions, which I made but kept separate.  Jason tried with the onions and without and preferred without).  And you know what?  It tasted so YUMMY!  It was so easy and good, in fact, that I'm not sure I'll ever crack open a can of chicken soup again.  

Until next time...

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  1. Does Parelli have any advice for getting the same attentiveness from my daughter?


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