Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween isn't normally a huge deal at our house...but this year it was a little more momentous because it was Amelia's first time.  Last year, there was an older sister of Amelia's who was having trouble with some obedience issues and we had to cancel our Halloween plans as a punishment.  Yes, it punished us and Amelia as well but we've had many Halloweens before and Amelia didn't know what she was missing so we decided we'd better be consistent parents and stick to our guns.  

This year, however, Ava was obedient so no plans were thwarted!  Ava dressed up as, surprise, surprise, a PRINCESS!  And Amelia was also a little fairy/princess...has to copy her older sister is some way ;-)

Ava was excited about her dramatic butterfly eyelashes...

And Amelia was excited just to be dressing up!

Because we live out in the country with a l o n g driveway that no one would ever venture up, we've started to make it a tradition to drive into the "city" of Decatur and go trick or treating with our friends!

Amelia and her friend Reagan, who made the cutest little Red Riding Hood and,

Ava and her friend, Trinity, who was the cutest cheerleader on the block!  We set off scavenging for candy while the sun was still up!

I know this is a little blurry, but aren't these two the cutest?  They were doing this all night...they get along soooo well!

What's really great about this neighborhood is we know many of the people who live here so it's very safe for the girls and we get to catch up with some we haven't seen in awhile!

As the night wore on, and the sun was starting to set, we made our rounds then headed over to the Baptist Church nearby for the Trunk or Treat event they were having.  

The Baptist Church does a great job with their event and not only was there TONS of candy, but there were games, hay rides, food, and a large flat screen set up for the adults to watch the Rangers game while the kids ran around on sugar highs.  This is Texas, after all, major holidays are not to interfere with sports! ;-)

Jason had the night off (so rare, it seems) and so he was able to come!  Doesn't he looked thrilled? 

Actually, he was very happy to go, he just hates having his picture taken...  We ended our evening by congregating back at a friend's house for smores and some great conversation around their fire pit.  It was a balmy evening and Ava shed her gown so she could get some good play time in ;-)

It was a great way to end a perfect night!  I know we made some good memories.

Until next time...


  1. I love that the church had a huge TV! Way to be all things to all people! ;-)

  2. Wow!! I could see Ava's eyelashes on the last profile picture of her. When did she decide to take off the eyelashes? Or does she still have them on? HaHa. Love you ALL


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