Friday, February 01, 2013

Pinterest Preoccupation


I admit it.

I have become obsessed preoccupied with Pinterest.  I've been a member for over a year now, but it wasn't until the last few months I really started to get into it.  I think I didn't understand how to use it effectively before.  And I think now that more people are on it, it's much better (I mean what was the point of needing to be "invited" to join Pinterest in the beginning?  Were they trying to make it seem exclusive or an honor or something?)

I was never one of those people who would tear pages out of magazines and save them in an "inspiration book".  I never had a cork board full of pictures and quotes for inspiration.  But I do pin a lot of photos.  And I've found that many of the links have lead me to GREAT blogs that I now follow!  For example, take this great blog on organizing your life and home: Delightful Order.  She has a monthly challenge to help you organize one facet of your home.  January was organizing papers in your home.  As part of that theme, she recently posted this great system of organizing your warranties and manuals..  Another great thing about her blog is every week you can link up and share how you have organized something pertaining to the challenge for that week/month.  It's a great place to find other ideas and inspiration if her system doesn't seem like it will work perfectly for you.  She also has a good post on how to organize your child's important papers and from school related items.  She creates these fabulous binder and folder labels that she sometimes offers for free or is an inexpensive product you can buy on her Etsy shop.  I plan to do several of her projects.

Another great blog I found was The Small Things.  Kate is a hair dresser by trade so has tons of great tutorials on hair and makeup but also fashion.  So many of the blogs that deal with this subject are authored by young 20-somethings and while they can be good too, this is more my groove (because she seems a little bit closer in age to me or perhaps it's because I found out through a reference she made to The Popcorn Shop she visited growing up as a little girl, that she also grew up in Wheaton, IL! ;-)  Her YouTube channel is awesome.  I've already bought several of the hair products she has recommended and they've been fabulous!  

Another great one I've started following is Pink Pistachio (another fashion/lifestyle blog) and House of Rose (a great organizational/DIY decorating and renovations blog).  

I've found lots of other inspiration...from photography to fashion to all things equestrian and horse related to ideas for decor and projects or things to do with my kids.  If you're curious what I'm up to Pinterest, click here to see my boards and start following!

Until next time (and happy pinning!)

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