Monday, February 06, 2012

Project 365 - Days 247-253

Day 247 - September 4 


Rosie chillaxin' on the patio...she's so cute!

Day 248 - September 5


Starting to get all my documents together for our home study so we can go get her...

Day 249 - September 6


Rosie loves to race around our property

Day 250 - September 7


I never get tired of our sunrises and sunsets.

Day 251 - September 8

Amelia trying out her Daddy's motorcycle - this girl likes to go FAST!

Day 252 - September 9

Out for a little jaunt on Butters - she's learning how to balance and hold on at the same time ;-)

Day 253 - September 10

After the fire that got a little too close for comfort, I decided we needed to keep the trailer out in order to practice our trailer loading more often.  Ava did a great job with Tinkerbell!

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