Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 3 with Audrey

I must apologize for not keeping up with my posting. We've been so tired in the evenings that I just crash and the mornings have been busy trying to fit in some Face Time with the girls and getting out the door to our planned activities. Also, I apologize if my blog is changing around a little bit from day to day. I'm in the middle of a little update & we're still working the kinks out.

Okay, so day three with Audrey started off with a quick breakfast at the hotel buffet. They actually have a pretty decent breakfast. Audrey is eating little to nothing at this point but is continuing to drink well so we're not overly worried. We know this is a part of her grieving and to be honest, I don't feel like eating much myself!

After breakfast, we meet our guide and walk to the local People's Park. This is where Audrey was found, however, all her paperwork says is that she was found under a tree in the park and the park is HUGE so there is no way to know which tree.

Entrance to the park

Many elderly people come to the park in the morning to socialize and exercise. There are a variety of activities going on. This woman was doing her tai chi.

At this point, our little Audrey (or LiLi as we call her now, which is her Chinese nickname) is still being very sober and withdrawn.

This area of the park had men and woman playing with these "toys" that you swing around on strings. They are not attached to the strings so it's a balancing act. And a very good core muscle exercise ;-) Jason and I both agreed Ava and Amelia would have loved these colorful dragons and that Ava for sure, would have wanted to try her hand at this.

This man was painting words on the granite sidewalk. Pretty sure it was just water but looked beautiful.

This is one of the ways the elderly people keep in shape. They have these "exercise machines" that look a little like playground equipment scattered around the park. This lady looks pretty nimble.

We've discovered that Audrey is ticklish. So we use that when we want her to loosen up or get a smile.

There are also many people playing instruments throughout the park of various shapes & sizes.

A walkway in the park. We are amazed at how much granite is used. Those are granite pavers and polished granite curbs. These go all over this enormous park.

I wish the shadows didn't cover up this mans face so much...I love how he stopped to smile and pose for me!

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  1. I just love following your journey. The photos really add so much. All of this waiting and you're finally there! God bless and keep you all as you go through this exciting new time.


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