Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sad News...

I've been slow to post an update because it's not good news about Belle.  She most likely has some form of cancer in or around her liver.  The new bloodwork came back showing almost exactly the same terrible levels as last time.  

Despite what seemed like an improvement in her eating.

Despite what seemed like an improvement in her demeanor.

Despite what seemed like an improvement in her energy.

Despite everything...our old girl is dying.  And it's hard to watch.  And it's hard to think about...

But one thing that helped to perk her up about 2 weeks ago was the arrival of Aeriel, my cousin's 21 year old Quarterhorse mare.


They are like two kindred spirits, these two.  They bonded immediately.  And they don't go anywhere without the other one.

In fact, the other day, I had let them both out in front of the barn, to the pastures there and behind the house to graze, as the grass is more lush there than the current state of our moisture deprived horse pastures.  

Aeriel had wandered off a bit in exploration and lost sight of Belle.


She was trotting around, calling out for Belle.  Then suddenly,  she heard Belle's returning whinny and went RUNNING over to her ;-)


Both were so happy to be reunited again!


They then proceeded to graze again, being sure the other was not far away.


Until Belle decided it was time to head on back up to the barn.


And Aeriel dutifully obeyed.

But I fear for Aeriel and how she will handle Belle's passing.  You see, the reason she came down here to live was because her only pasture mate of many many years passed away a few months ago.  And she's been very lonely.  

Oh I know she'll be fine.  She'll bond with one of my other eight horses (in fact, I've already picked out who I think she'll like to spend her time with) but I think she might be sad for awhile.   I've started turning her and Aeriel out with the other horses but when I go to check on everyone, Belle and Aeriel are off by themselves, grazing contentedly.

It will be another transition for Aeriel.  For all of us, really. And one I'm not looking forward to.  

In the meantime, we'll keep Belle as comfortable as possible, under misters and fans during the hot daytime hours, and turnout at night under the cool stars and moon.  And we'll wait for Belle to tell us when it's time to say goodbye...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this news. I'm glad Belle has companionship. We'll be praying for your girls as they process what is coming.

  2. Oh Chanda, How precious your picture diary! It just warms my heart. You understand so much of what I feel about Aerial and now, Belle. I know Aerial will be a great "cheerleader" for Belle as she goes down her journey. We learn so much from our pets. They just want to give us joy and we want to care for them. Isn't that just like our Heavenly Father? He wants to bring us companionship and joy and we know He cares for us. I, too, will pray for God-speed on the timing and the difficult parts of the passing. We have been there now and we still cry, but we have such wonderful memories. Love you all...Dorothy


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