Friday, May 18, 2012

Her American Name

The wait for her name and new pictures is finally over.  We decided on her name a few days ago but I was waiting for new pictures before I posted.  So without further ado, may I present Audrey YongLi!

xin yong li_4 - Version 2

We sent her a birthday care package for her 2nd birthday and just received these pictures today!!  I must say, she still looks a little bewildered and confused by the cake...

xin yong li_4

Or perhaps that's fear on her little face!  We included the cake, some toys, and this cute little dress she is wearing.  

xin yong li_3

I am happy to see that she is walking on her own (and actively taking steps) and even more, that she is climbing up and down stairs by herself!!  This is all good news and bodes for a good prognosis of her special need.

xin yong li_2

And I'm happy to see her cute little hair sprout is back too ;-)

xin yong li_6

Oh my little Audrey - we are so excited to get you home...


  1. Can we get a big WOOT WOOT! We are ready to celebrate. Can we get a cake like that?:) What a blessed family!


  2. What a cutie! Love her little sprout and her look. I think I'd be worried in front a cake that big too! Great name choice. I'm a personal fan of names beginning with the letter A. ;-)

  3. Love her and her sweet name! So so happy for you all!! Beth Walsh

  4. When do you think she will come home? She is darling and I can imagine how eager you all are, especially the sisters!


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