Saturday, February 04, 2012

Project 365 - Days 226-232

Well the good news is that I spent the good part of two days going through the rest of my photos from last year and quickly editing them and picking out the daily photo.  That means that hopefully, I can finish up my 365 project for 2011!  Based on the little amount of picture-taking I've done thus far, I might just be doing a monthly or at the most, weekly photo...

Day 226 - August 14


Here is our new cousin-in-law, Kory, with the girls.

Day 227 - August 15


My Dad and his sisters, from left to right, Kathy, Dorothy, and Nancy. 

Day 228 - August 16


Our family photo with my Grandpa and Grandma Lang.

Day 229 - August 17

It was difficult at times to see the swollen and flooded Mississippi River along our drive there and back.  The detours (due to parts of major highways still under water MONTHS after the rains) added many hours to our trek and while we were suffering from such a terrible drought back home, it was incredible to see the effects of too much rain here...

Day 230 - August 18


Once home, we quickly returned to our routine of swimming, lunch, swimming, napping, and then more swimming ;-)

Day 231 - August 19

Rosie is not a water dog, but even she would frequently wade onto the steps in the pool in order to cool off...

Day 232 - August 20


This is one of two hawks that live on or near our property.  I've seen one of them many times but this second one is darker and a little more elusive!  

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