Monday, January 02, 2012

Project 365 - Days 212-218

Trying to catch up...seems weird to be going all the way back to July!!

Day 212 - July 31


This was my best attempt to get a picture of the bird's nest (with the Momma inside) in our tree outside.  She built it well within the tree so it was difficult!!

Day 213 - August 1


Quick trip to the American Girl Doll Store in Dallas.  The girls got to pick out a new outfit for their dolls and we had lunch (though not at the cafe there - they were closing :-(

Day 214 - August 2


Did I mention it was hot this summer?  And that we were in a major drought?  One of the few times in Texas where the heat index is LOWER than the actual temp...which 109 was the actual high that day...

Day 215 - August 3


Swimming lessons began again - second 2-week course for both the girls...

Day 216 - August 4


Ava loves taking her lessons and learning with the teachers and coaches.  She considered joining the swim team this fall but decided against it after I explained to her that it would involve going straight from school to practice 3x a week (which means no play time after school) and they don't "play" in the water at practice, they actually swim hard!

Day 217 - August 5


Love love love this verse...what a great reminder to keep our eyes on the Lord, even in the midst of trouble and tribulations.

Day 218 - August 6


We've started an evening ritual of getting in our swim suits, going up to the barn to muck the stalls, feed, and turn out the horses to graze overnight (coolest part of the day) then we run and jump in the pool to cool off and clean up!  Rosie joins us at every step but lays, gazing out the back of the property, looking for evil lurkers!

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