Friday, November 11, 2011

Project 365 - Days 198-204

Day 198 - July 17


This was a fun week for our family because we had some of Jason's family come to visit!  Alex and Aston, who are technically Jason's 1st cousins, finally got out here to Texas with their parents to stay for awhile.  The girls were so excited for their visit and they had a blast with them this week!  The big bummer of the trip was that the boys were sick almost the whole week they were here.  They were fighting high fevers and achy joints but were great troopers!  We hung out at the house most of the time just swimming, playing video games, watching movies and relaxing!  This was right before we all left for church so I had to get a shot of them all dressed up!

Day 199 - July 18


As I mentioned, there was a lot of swimming while they were here.  And lots of diving and sliding and jumping...

Day 200 - July 19


This shot cracks me up!  There were several water balloon fights during the week and I happened to catch this shot right before Ava was nailed in the face by Aston.  She wasn't hurt (at least physically - maybe her pride took a bit of a bruising) but she got over it quickly and laughed hysterically when she saw this picture!

Day 201 - July 20


I know it pained Alex to drive this pink dune buggy, but once you're inside, you don't really notice the color that much ;-)  He and Ava had a good time tearing around the property.

Day 202 - July 21


This was taken just before they left.  We all had such a great time and can't wait for them to come back again to visit!

Day 203 - July 22


I had actually taken this picture earlier in the week but needed a filler here.  This is such a cute picture of Alex and so captures what he loves to do (but his parents carefully monitor ;-)  He was so enthralled with the game he couldn't even give the camera eye contact for two seconds so I could snap the picture.  What a ham!

Day 204 - July 23


I discovered this poor little guy up in one of the horse stalls.  Obviously a newborn, I searched and waiting to see if his Mom was going to come back.  Sadly, I found a litter mate that had already passed out a little further out in the grass.  He didn't make it either. It's been one of the casualties of this terribly hot summer, I'm afraid.  There have been lots of stories of other wildlife going into labor early, aborting and abandoning their young because they just can't nurse and care for them.  Poor little guy...

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