Friday, September 16, 2011

Project 365 - Days 163-169

Yes, yes, I will get to the earth-shattering news we received the night after the fire.  But first, I wanted to squeeze in one more 365 post ;-)

Day 163 - June 12

The girls love spending time with Grandpa!

Day 164 - June 13

So we were swimming in the pool and Ava found another baby turtle swimming around.  She quickly adopted him (or her?) as well and named it "Caicos".  So she had "Turks and Caicos" as her little pet turtles.  Poor things.

Day 165 - June 14

Amelia has found that Grandpas are very good for playing the part of the Prince.

Day 166 - June 15

I believe this little guy is the same baby we found nestled deep in the brush last week.  He and his momma came wandering up very close to the house and the grass is so tall on the other side of the fence he was jumping and boinging through the brush to keep up with his momma.  At this point, he turned and was jumping straight toward me and I got this cute shot!  He looks like a little kangaroo ;-)  Here's a picture of him standing next to the fence so you can see how little he really is:


Isn't he the CUTEST!?

Day 167 - June 16

The girls were really spoiled this week when Grandpa and Grandma Schuh came a few days after Grandpa and Grandma Norman left!  Amelia (and Rosie) found their favorite spot next to Grandma Becky.

Day 168 - June 17

Grandpa and Grandma were driving our motorhome back from California and were able to bring an extra surprise with them in the baggage compartment - Jason's old go-kart.  Ava took to this quite easily and was racing around with ease - that's a pillow we put behind the seat so she could reach the pedals ;-)  This go-kart has special significance to me because this is what Jason was riding the first time I ever remember seeing him - I would have been about 12 years old, Jason would have been about 13.  We had just arrived in California and were staying next door to Jason at his uncle's house.  I walked outside the next morning and here was Jason, racing up and down their driveway in this thing.  As I remember it, I asked him if I could ride it and he said, "no."  Typical. ;-)

Day 169 - June 18

Gorgeous sunrise once again...

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