Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project 365 Days 156-162

Day 156 - June 5

I like this picture for a few reasons.  1) It shows Ava play-acting something out in her imaginary land (I know, not obvious to know that from the picture but I promise you, this is what she was doing!); 2) It shows Rosie hiding out in the cool bushes to escape the heat yet watching over Ava at the same time; 3) It documents (by the bright sunshine and Rosie buried in the bushes) the beginning of the 2nd, if not the number 1 most hottest (is that a word?) summer on record.  A few days before we got back from Turks, the temps shot up to 100 degrees and basically, have only come down for a few days the ENTIRE summer!!!  I'm not kidding.  The entire summer.  In a few days from this post, we will most likely top the record of 69 days of summer that were at or above 100 degrees.  Seriously, we love Texas but this heat and drought have really made us question how much do we really love Texas ;-)

Day 157 - June 6

I found this little guy up by the barn.  Ava loved him and quickly named him "Turk" in honor of us just returning from our trip.  She made a temporary home for him in her bug barn...

Day 158 - June 7

We had our pastures fertilized and the man who came out to do the fertilizing mentioned that he saw a baby deer out in the pasture, a very young deer!  So, the girls and I set out to look for this deer in the area he pointed out.  It was VERY difficult to spot him/her nestled in the brush.  I mean I looked for a good 10 minutes and he was sitting there in front of me the whole time!  In fact, this was the best picture I could get of him, he was camouflaged  so well in the brush and undergrowth.  Beautiful little guy though - his enormous white ears are what finally gave him away!

Day 159 - June 8

A girl and her dog, enjoying an ice cream cone together.

Day 160 - June 9

It is that time of year again and Ava had her ballet recital.  This year they did "Cinderella" which Ava was very excited about.  She was a snowflake and had the most beautiful costume this year!

Day 161 - June 10

My parents flew in to spend some time here and see Ava's recital.  It wasn't long before they had talked my Mom into reading them some books before bedtime!

Day 162 - June 11

Ava discovered this bird nest in her favorite climbing tree and was watching it daily to see when the eggs hatched!  I climbed up to take these pictures but sadly, I don't think the little guy (or his nest-mates) were long for this life.  I believe one of my cats had noticed all the attention we were paying this tree, noticed Momma bird, and took care of her :-(  Still, what was amazing to note about this nest is that probably 75% of it is made up of Rosie's dog fur!!  I think that would make a nice, cozy nest too!

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  1. your camera is amazing! loved the turtle!! I could NOT live in Texas - I hate heat! we're having a high of 98 tomorrow..haven't had to run the air for about a week now! hope you cool off soon!


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