Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project 365 Days 114-120

Day 114 - April 24

It was Easter Sunday and I really wanted to get a good picture of the girls in their dresses because they were SO cute!  But for some reason, the girls were not into having pictures taken unless they were sticking their tongues out, goofing around, tickling each other, etc.  So I only got a few good ones (and none of those showed their dresses full length).  Oh well.  Here are a few more for good measure:

Day 115 - April 25

Well I had mentioned it was the time of year for strange/scary weather in North Texas, right?  These were some clouds that were swirling over the house.  The next few days worth of pictures were actually all taken on this evening (for some reason I didn't pick up my camera for several days so I'm filling with pictures from this storm and the intense clouds that formed.  

Day 116 - April 26

This was a sideways funnel cloud that formed over our backyard.  This might have been the funnel cloud that turned vertical, became a tornado, and was spotted over Lake Bridgeport but that never touched down.

Day 117 - April 27

Later on while the sun was setting, the storm started clearing from the west and it made such a dramatic contrast between the burning orange of the sun and the dark grey-blue of the skies.  Gorgeous.

Day 118 - April 28

And while this is highly texturized, this is an actual shot of the cardinal that is seen frequently out under our oak tree in the back yard.  He came in out after the rain stopped.   He has a cute little wife too I'll try to get a picture of soon ;-)

Day 119 - April 29

Taken with Instragram via my iPhone.  This is Nicky, one of our barn cats.  He likes to sit up on top of tack room ceiling and look down very condescendingly at me from his high perch ;-)

Day 120 - April 30

Ava and I ventured out to a nearby 4H schooling show.  So thankful the english classes are done in the morning - then we don't have to hang around in the heat all day while western finishes.  This girl had a horse that reminded me of Tommy when he was a bit younger - this horse just RACED over the jumps - really flying over them and was a bit hard to slow down when they were done.  ;-)  But she stayed on and I think he had the best form over the jumps compared to the other horses.  Ava really wants to compete so we might be back next year when she's 9 (and can officially start participating in 4H)!

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