Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project 365 Days 79-85

Man!  I've been such a lame blogger!  This last month has been tough.  Faith stretching tough.  And I fear the worst is yet to come.  So, I took a little break from blogging to breathe and focus on some other things that needed attention.  This time of year is always so busy with end-of-the-year activities for the girls and now that the weather is nicer, we're just outside more.  Mowing the lawn, riding the horses, cleaning the barn, picking wild flowers, etc.  The computer has kind of taken a back seat.  

But, I'm hoping to slowly catch up again.   Bear with me while I do ;-)

Day 79 - March 20

Gorgeous sunset.  This is literally untouched.  Love the beautiful oranges and blues.

Day 80 - March 21

A new, clean, beautiful grocery store opened up in town and I decided to try out the gourmet cupcakes.  Guess what color the frosting was on Amelia's cupcake?

Day 81 - March 22

Like I said.  It's been a long, tough month.  Verses like this one have been my lifeblood.

Day 82 - March 23

Oops!  Someone wasn't paying attention while flying their kite.  It's stuck there pretty good too.   Two months later and it's still flapping in the wind...

Day 83 - March 24

These two lovely pups showed up at our house one morning and wouldn't leave.  The one on the left was a girl and might have been the mother to the one on the left.  They were very sweet and I thought about keeping them but they kept chasing my cats!  Well, the girl did.  I thought then about just keeping the boy but they were so attached I didn't want to split them up.  

Day 84 - March 25

Ok, seriously.  They do have their very own water bowl that is filled with fresh water daily.  That behavior is SOOO like a cat though, isn't it?

Day 85 - March 26

This is my sweet cousin, Joni (on the right) and her fiance, Kory.  They drove down from Little Rock for a little visit!  Jason returned the day after they got here from a convention in New Orleans and he bought these for the girls.  But, I had them try the masks on too!  Aren't they cute?  Ava is going to be a flower girl in their wedding this summer and she's SO excited!

Just so you know, here's what they look like without the masks!  Still cute!

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