Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project 365 - Days 291-297

Just plugging along here...we're getting back into our routines now that Ava is better and back in school.  I am about 2/3 of the way through my "21 Day Challenge" and I'm doing okay.  The good part is I'm keeping up with my exercise and working with the horses.  The not-so-good part is, I'm not doing as great with my eating and I haven't touched my paperwork once!  Trying to fit all those things in each day has also eaten into my blogging time.  But I still have 9 days left to make a dent (in my paperwork, eating & blogging) so I'm going for it!

Day 291/365 - October 17

Not sure what this is or is called, but we arrived home from church and this amazing circular rainbow was around the sun.  It was so large I couldn't fit it all in the lens but you get the idea...

Day 292/365 - October 18

This sweet girl showed up at the house.  Some day, when we're ready to get another dog, we will most likely get a Great Pyrenees (such as this dog).  She was quite sweet and when I asked her to sit, she laid down and rolled over submissively ;-)

Day 293/365 - October 19

This was a little dinner party I came across that Amelia set up.  I love finding things like this - it's like a snapshot of her mind.  I think she has some of her most favorite people at the table.  There is Dora, her number 1 heroine, Boots, a baby (this girl is baby-crazy), a big sister (Ava) and perhaps that is supposed to be me in the ponytail - who knows?  It was just pretty amusing to come across this little scene.

Day 294/365 - October 20

Ava had her first lesson since starting school.  She is progressing so well and Tinkerbell is such a good pony for Ava!  She maintains her gaits and listens to Ava so well - they have really become a good match, I think!

Day 295/365 - October 21

This is one of my favorite trees on our property (even though it is where I discovered a 5-foot long bull snake the circumference of Jason's upper arm the first month we lived here).  It is so perfectly shaped and proportioned and in the fall - oh, *sigh*- in the fall we get these beautiful plumy red leaves from it.  Gorgeous!

Day 296/365 - October 22

Here is our little cheerleader again.  She missed the performance at the homecoming game and the big pep rally the week before because she was sick.  But she made it for the last pep rally of the season and went wearing her beloved cheerleading uniform! 

Day 297/365 - October 23

On a whim, we decided to make Apple Cake.  It sure looked good in the picture and since it was cool and rainy outside, it seemed like a great day to try it.  Sure, I had to go back to the grocery store twice because I don't keep weird items stocked like vegetable oil, sugar and orange juice.  Yes, they may be staples in some homes but not ours!  Anyway, Ava really wanted to help so I put her to work peeling apples.  She did a great job for never having used a peeler before!  

Until next time!

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  1. The ring around the sun is called a "sun dog". we usually see them in winter and it means that there is colder weather in store. however, during warm weather, it may mean that there is precipitation coming? Anyhow, used to see them all the time when I was a little girl. :)


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