Monday, October 18, 2010

Project 365 - Days 284-290

Wow!  Getting close to the 300th day already  - I hope I've been counting right ;-)

Day 284/365 - October 10

Ava was still running a fever so we stayed home from church.  She did feel well enough to go outside and catch some rays reading with her Dad and her sister.  We've had pleasant but above normal temps so we're just trying to squeeze in every last moment in the sun that we can ;-)

Day 285/365 - October 11

Tis that time of year again, or at least it will be soon.  That is, the time of year when we have a fire going almost nightly.  So, we got out to try and make hay while the sun shines and before it gets really cold to cut wood!  

Day 286/365 - October 12

Hey look!  A picture of me in the Project 365 & it's not even a particularly flattering picture (it was at the end of a long day sans makeup)!  But I'm so proud about what this photo is depicting that I will forego my vanity and post it anyway.  I can now give my horses their injections!  And I don't just mean the intramuscular injections (which are easy) but the hard ones where you have to get it in the vein!  Most horse owners know how to do this already but hey, I have an anesthesiologist for a husband so why not have him do it!?  But, I found out during Belle's colic scare last week that emergencies will arise and so I learned in a trial by fire.  The horses were due their joint injections so Jason came up to coach me and I did it!  Tommy is 'posing' for me here but he was always a piece of cake.  He stands so nice and his fur is so short and thin it's easy to find his vein.  Belle was more of a challenge but I even figured it out on her!  

Day 287/365 - October 13

This is a screen shot from the movie, Secretariat.  I was so excited to go see this and we did it on sort of a spur of the moment.  It was a fantastic movie!  If you haven't seen it yet, go do so!  I don't even think there was a bad word in it!  And I have to add, I could just really relate with Diane Lane (aka Penny Tweedy-Chenery) in that I always look just as nice when I go up to visit my horses in the barn too (see previous picture for proof ;-)

Day 288/365 - October 14

Sorry for the picture being grainy - I snapped it quick with my cell phone in the dimly lit x-ray room.  Yes, that is Ava getting chest x-rays and yes, it was a positive read for pneumonia!  It explains why she's been taking so long to get better.  I felt guilty about not taking her in to the doctor sooner but after the motrin would hit, you could hardly tell she was sick and running a fever.  Jason also pointed out that if I had taken her in earlier, before she developed the pneumonia, she probably wouldn't have tested positive and then we would just have had to go back anyway.  She was put on antibiotics and within a few days was keeping her fever down!  Yea!!

Day 289/365 - October 15

Even though it's been plenty warm, Jason heated up the spa and took the girls for a 'swim' while he read.  It was good for Ava's lungs to get the steamy air and they were corralled long enough for me to get some work done!  Amelia loves spending time in the water!

Day 290/365 - October 16

This was Jason's rocking chair when he was little.  This is serving as a 'before' shot because we've done some work to it.  Notice the ever-so-popular-for-the-era cornucopia.  

Nice, eh?  Wait until you see the 'after' photos...

Until next time...

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  1. I have a similar rocker from my childhood. Mine is white with orange, brown and mustard yellow cornucopia... and a partridge to boot!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Secretariat!


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