Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project 365 - Days 277-283

Lots of stuff happening this week.  If I could formally put in this request now, I would like 5 extra days this week.  Five extra days where time stands still and everyone freezes in time except for me and I catch up on all the laundry, bills, paperwork, cleaning, etc.  If someone could make that happen for me, that would be GREAT!  Thanks.

Day 277/365 - October 3

While not the best photo, it's pretty good considering it was taken with a point and shoot from 10 rows back!  We had Amelia dedicated at church finally!  Our church only conducts dedications two or three times a year and we had to cancel the first time so we were not going to let anything get in the way this time!  Ava was so excited to dress in her Chinese dress to support her sister and stand up front with us.  That is our wonderful pastor, Tom Pennington with his back to us.  We are so blessed to have found this church and our pastor.  

Day 278/365 - October 4

It was Grandma's last full day here and what a great treat to have Grandma read the girls a Fancy Nancy book?  

Day 279/365 - October 5

The notes continue in earnest from Ava.  This one was left next to a fairy with a broken wing.  I loved the multiple choice answer at the end. 

Day 280/365 - October 6

I wrote about this event a few days ago but had to make it the photo of the day! 

Day 281/365 - October 7

Ava started a high fever the day before and has been home now with said high fever going on 5 days now.  I felt bad for her and pulled out this paint by number I bought last year.  She spent the next few days working on it while the children's motrin kicked in.  Now that it's complete, she wants to give it to her teacher, Mrs. Boyers.  So sweet...

Day 282/365 - October 8

Look who stopped by to say "hi"!  The man in the white shirt is Mike Jungkeit (Jason's second or third cousin - I can't quite follow the family tree that far to know for sure) and Mike's son, Matt.  Mike was the team leader for the Dominican Republic trip Jason took earlier this year with Children of the Nations.  Mike and his son were in town for a special weekend and stopped by for a few hours to visit.  It was so nice of them to drive out to the ends of the earth to see us! ;-)  We had a great time visiting and hope they'll come back again whenever they're in this neck of the woods!

Day 283/365 - October 9

Belle continues to do well despite our colic scare earlier in the week.  I take her out to hand graze her for about an hour a day.  We usually go over to this spot in front of the arena because it has some really lush coastal that she loves.  I took her lead rope off for a bit so I could sit nearby but had to put it back on later because Belle decided a nice roll in the warm grass would be nice.  I saw the look on her face and the way she acts before she's going to roll and ran over to keep her up and snap the lead back on.  She had a nice time anyway ;-)

Until next time...

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