Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project 365 - Days 263-269

This week is going to be crazy busy.  I thought about waiting to post this until I had more time to make it sound pretty and look right.  But, I knew it would be another week before I got to it!  So please excuse any typos or grammar mistakes or any sentence that just sounds weird!

263/365 - September 19

So I'm starting my first picture with a filler!  This was taken during our vacation last month to Lost Pines.  We had such a nice, relaxing time!  It was like summer camp...

264/365 - September 20

Another great verse I came upon...I'm not meaning these to be my picture of the day but I find them in my photo file on my phone and when I didn't take a picture...well, they end up here!

265/365 - September 21

My trainer snapped this picture of Tommy during my lesson.  That's my visor on his head and while we didn't ask him to stick his tongue out, it just made the picture all the better.  My trainer called this picture, "Tommy the poker player."  LOL

266/365 - September 22

It was the annual Moon Festival in China today (similar to our Thanksgiving) and Amelia and I celebrated by joining up with our friends Lia, Jaden and Allie for a little Moon Festival Party!  They made lanterns, pictures of the moon and stars against the night sky, watched Kai Lan's Moon Festival episode and ate traditional Chinese moon cakes!  Instead of thanking the moon for the harvest, Amelia and her friends talked about how God made the moon and he made them as well! Amelia had a blast with her Chinese sisters and we hope to make this a more regular event. 

267/365 - September 23

This little stinker refuses to nap at Mother's Day Out or even at home.  But boy, you stick her in the car and within minutes (sometimes before I'm to the end of our driveway) she's out like a light!  SO frustrating!  But she sure looks cute!

268/365 - September 24

Here is our little spirit girl.  Ava has a lot of school spirit and pride, as you might be able to tell from the Paradise school t-shirt, the panther paw (school mascot) tattoo on her cheek, and coordinating bow with the school colors.  Everyone knows football is huge in Texas but they start indoctrinating them young!  You see, Ava's district is pretty small and all grades, K-12, are basically on the same campus.  Every Friday during football season, they walk the entire elementary, intermediate, and middle schools down to the high school for a pep rally, or "pepper rally" as Ava calls them!  She gets very competitive as each week, the Spirit Stick is awarded to the school that shows the most spirit!  It can make or break her entire weekend!

269/365 - September 25

Sorry for the strange lighting.  I tried fixing it but this was the best I could get it!  This is the last room to be painted in the upstairs.  It's a guest bathroom and I've been putting it off for MONTHS!  But with company coming at the end of the week, I've run out of time.  Check next week for the 'after' pictures!

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  1. Oh my goodness Ava and Amelia are getting so big!!! Tell them I said hello! :)



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